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I have explored how brand identity design can be used to make an undesirable product desirable. By using engaging illustrations, Monarch aims to lower the stigma around spirulina and drive behavioural change to making healthier food choices. Monarch is spreading the awareness of a nutritional, balanced diet. 

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Expanding Massey Universities Student Services branding further through animation, illustration and videography to create clearer communication of the services available to students.  


Exploring tradition and Japanese culture to revitalise and communicate ASIJ's Brand to Primary school, High school and alumni students. Meanwhile being conscious of the heritage   since being founded in 1902. 


Enhancing brand values through brand communication design meanwhile keeping the familiarity of the existing brand logo. 

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Happy Hapu is a hypothetical brand to reduce poverty in New Zealand. This would be achieved through 'bringing the Marae to you' - Offering children in need food meanwhile restoring Maori culture.  

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Explore illustrations influenced by personal experiences. 

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Explore website designs. 




Walt Disney World Internship at the age of 19. Entrepreneur at the age of 20. Successful business owner and giving back to the community at the age of 21. Prime Minister Scholarship of Asia at the age of 22. 


Whats next?  Graphic Design.